Turvakolmio Group helps Forenom with security and customer flow digitalization


As an outcome of strong organic growth Forenom has grown to become the leading serviced apartment company in the Nordics. By providing highly versatile corporate housing solutions in prime locations, the company has seen its annual revenue increase from EUR 4.2 million to EUR 82 million over a period of just 10 years.

Forenom manages over 6500 serviced apartments and aparthotel and hostel rooms in all major Scandinavian cities, accommodating over 100 000 travellers every year. Forenom is the Nordic market leader in corporate housing in terms of net sales, currently operating in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark with 25 local offices and over 450 employees. Forenom’s goal is to continue growing rapidly and become the leading accommodation service provider in Northern Europe.

Turvakolmio Group, Finnish security systems integrator, has accomplished together with Forenom’s product development the digitalization and integration of Forenom’s booking infrastructure, keyless hotel experience and state of art security to seamless entirety that improves significantly both the customer satisfaction and business flow.

Beginning of the 2018 Forenom acquired StayAt HotelApart AB in Sweden. Turvakolmio Group integrated and accomplished the Stayat properties’ digitalization plan of using keyless code locks in every accommodation facility they are operating. In addition, Forenom’s booking and reservation system was integrated to Turvakolmio Group’s Claudo cloud service and Salto Systems locking and access control solutions.

Better customer experience, more effective operating infrastructure and smooth guest flow was achieved by using multi-level integrations between all crucial components known in hospitality industry; e.g. after online booking the guest will receive a key code via SMS message an hour before check-in time and he/she is able to enter the room straight with no hazzle in a reception. The project was fully accomplished in September 2018 in very tight schedule and it could not have been executed without Turvakolmio Group’s outstanding assembly and software development partners in Scandinavia.

Turvakolmio Group was in charge of the project together with Forenom’s project management and local area teams. The project consisted of four separate aparthotels total of approx. 1000 rooms and other general doors.

“Turvakolmio managed the overall project in a really proactive manner”, says Veli-Pekka Pulkkinen who is responsible for the project from Forenom side.

“From our perspective the proven integration competence of Turvakolmio was one of the key reasons why we initiated the project. During the project execution it was great to see in practice how the partner network of Turvakolmio was working to make the transition as smooth as possible for our customers.”


“This is one of the most intense and also fascinating projects that I have been leading and working on. The timetable was very tight and the project started very quickly. Forenom family is very skilled and motivated, and we did not watch clock at anytime during this project, sometimes we worked through weekends and some days we worked through the nights as well. 95% of the rooms were booked when we did the transition, which made the project even more challenging. I was lucky to learn very much from hospitality business on the fly and I can’t really imagine any better mentor than Forenom family. We could not have done this without commitment from Salto and our both Nordic and local partners”, says Miika Malm Sales Group Manager of Turvakolmio Group.

Turvakolmio is continuing to provide services for Forenom in Finland and the Nordic countries in different locations and projects.